Thursday, 21 January 2010

Question 1....

If you could have been the mistress or lover of any great figure from history, who would you pick?

My answer would be:

I would love to have been the mistress of:

1. John F Kennedy - I just get the feeling he would have been an amazing lover, and a man who is so charismatic, and powerful, is a potent combination :)

2. William Wallace - I can imagine being pinned up against a wall and ravaged by a man full of testosterone and passion! :)

3. Marquis de Sade - You just know it would never have been boring with him! :)

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XOXO Wifey said...

Hi Karen Baby,

My chosen historic figures would be:

- William Blake: I love his quote on restraining desire and I would hope that caught up in the post fuck glow he would write something dedicated to me..

- Frank Sinatra: well the words "Rat Pack" and :voice" come to mind her as I love his voice and charm again plus I would hope that basking in the post fuck glow he'd croon a sexy song to me naked..

- Jawaharlal Nehru: I remember my grandfather reading me transcrips of his "tryst with destiny" speech and I would love to get to know the man that was not only the father of a national independance movement but also to work out what Edwina Mountbatten saw in him..

XOXO as always,