Sunday, 24 January 2010

Question 5...

If you wanted to turn your lover on as quickly as possible, what means would you use?

If he wasn't in the room it would be via text message, it is remarkable how quickly I turn my lover on with a beautifully written, very specific text message. Actually its amazing how quickly he gets hard if I just send the words 'I'm wet!!!' That's usually enough! lol.

But if he was in the room, the quickest way for him to be turned on is for me to sit opposite him and discreetly open my legs, slide my skirt up slightly and flash him the cheekiest glimpse of my pussy or my knickers. He would be able to see my stocking tops, and my legs, and would see just enough further up to know that I was horny. I love flashing him, and it gets him so very very horny its delightful and very exciting!! :)

Saturday, 23 January 2010

Question 4...

If you could have a sensuous massage every day from someone famous, who would you choose?

Hmm, now this is a difficult one, because the obvious David Beckham, George Clooney, Brad Pitt etc wouldn't be terribly good at sensuous massage, they are probably fairly selfish - like most incredibly attractive men - so I'd end up giving them a massage before I was satisfied. So, for that reason I would choose Peter North or Rocco Siffredi, two of my favourite 'movie' stars and I just know they would be brilliant at it. However, I would love a tantric massage every day, but sadly I don't know any famous tantric sex stars - apart from Sting, and that was apparently a myth! :( If he wants to prove it was true though, I'd welcome him proving it on me!

Question 3....

If you could guarantee that you will keep one sexual quality (eg. technique, desire, physical trait) until you die, what would you want it to be?

My oral skills! :) Both talking about sex and fellatio. Apart from being incredibly good at both, I absolutely love both, and can't imagine the day that I wouldn't want to do it, or worse, wouldn't be able to do it :)

Thursday, 21 January 2010

Question 2...

If you could interview any porn star, who would you pick, and what would your first question be?

My answer would be

John Holmes - Q. Did your cock ever get totally hard, either during filming, or with a partner in your private life, and did you enjoy your work?

I'd love to know if he actually ever did get his enormous penis hard. It never looked totally hard in his films, and I would be curious to find out if he actually enjoyed it, or was never completely turned on. It seemed such a shame that it was so big he never seemed to experience that delightful 'rock hard' sensation that men, and women of course, love.

RIP John x

Question 1....

If you could have been the mistress or lover of any great figure from history, who would you pick?

My answer would be:

I would love to have been the mistress of:

1. John F Kennedy - I just get the feeling he would have been an amazing lover, and a man who is so charismatic, and powerful, is a potent combination :)

2. William Wallace - I can imagine being pinned up against a wall and ravaged by a man full of testosterone and passion! :)

3. Marquis de Sade - You just know it would never have been boring with him! :)

Love. Romance. Sex. From the imaginative lover to the imaginary love lives. Pity the person who believes there exists no connection between the heart and the imagination, or pity their lover, anyway. From the first time we begin to discover there's a thing called love - tumultuous, chaotic, confusing, frightfully powerful, and stunningly joyous - we begin to imagine what might be if....

And as long as we are able to love (in other words, as long as we are alive), our imaginations help us through it, fill in the gaps, make us hopeful, steel our nerves, augment our romantic ideas, protect our humility, guide our actions, and help keep things interesting. Would we dare enter into love otherwise?

Yet as wonderful and wrenching as romantic love can be, it remains startlingly incomprehensible, and the mysteries of our own hearts tantalize us. Can we know more? Are we meant to? Ask yourself some of these questions, and ask those you love, or would like to. Where will they take you? What will they reveal? Do you have the courage to answer? Be prepared for anything.

And always, always, treasure the game of love.

I would like to add that some of the questions I will ask are rather direct, and personal, and not everyone will choose to ponder them, but in no case do I intend offence.

Welcome to yet another blog created by Karen Marley - Serial Mistress.

I know, I know, I hear you cry 'Not another one, 4 is enough!!' But I quite fancied the idea of this one, and it really wouldn't fit in to any of my others, so, as of today, I will be welcoming all my followers to join this blog The Questions of a Curious Mistress :)

Strange title you say? Yes, it is, but the idea is I ask a question, an interesting, thought provoking question, sometimes serious, sometimes funny, and YOU contribute to make this blog successful and fun reading. I will be posing a question, and you will answer it :) That sounds too much like hard work, it sounds like you need to know lots of useless facts, but you'll be wrong. They will be love and sex related interesting questions, the sort you would love to ask all of your friends at a dinner party :) And of course you are welcome to steal them for your next get together or party :)

Examples of the questions I will be posing are:

If you were to complete the phrase 'A life without love ....' how would you finish it?
If you could make love one more time with someone from your past, who would you choose and why?
If you could have a sensuous massage every day from someone famous, who would you choose?
If you could grab the buttocks of someone famous, who would you grab?
If you were to identify the biggest turn-off in sex, what would you say it was?
If you could try one thing in bed that you've never done, what would it be?

So, if you fancy joining in the fun, and having a good think about what you like to do, what you would do and what you have always wanted to try, then add your contribution on to the site :) You can of course leave the answers anonymously, but there won't be any questions that may incriminate you. Just take it for what it is, good fun and a bit of a laugh, it may well create some interesting debates, and anything that encourages a 'mass debate' is always worthwhile. After all none of us 'mass debate' enough! :)