Sunday, 24 January 2010

Question 5...

If you wanted to turn your lover on as quickly as possible, what means would you use?

If he wasn't in the room it would be via text message, it is remarkable how quickly I turn my lover on with a beautifully written, very specific text message. Actually its amazing how quickly he gets hard if I just send the words 'I'm wet!!!' That's usually enough! lol.

But if he was in the room, the quickest way for him to be turned on is for me to sit opposite him and discreetly open my legs, slide my skirt up slightly and flash him the cheekiest glimpse of my pussy or my knickers. He would be able to see my stocking tops, and my legs, and would see just enough further up to know that I was horny. I love flashing him, and it gets him so very very horny its delightful and very exciting!! :)

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XOXO Wifey said...

Totally agree with you Karen baby - steam texts and flashes all the way!

XOXO as always,